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EP 03 - Practical Wisdom: How Thoughts Become Things in Everyday Life

Oct 03, 2023
EP 03 of High Vibes with Binu Podcast: Practical Wisdom: How Thoughts Become Things in Everyday Life


It’s so possible to master this art of thought transformation and I am here to show you the way. Imagine changing your thoughts which then would shift your reality. Is it really that simple? Well, it can be but it takes some inner work and understanding.

Maybe there are some things in your life that are not going well, or you feel stuck or there’s a relationship that has so much tension. Today I talk about how you can step into this new practice; things like shifting your thoughts and understanding the deeper emotional vibration our thoughts hold; striving for peace in every single moment and training your internal unconditional love muscle. Tune in today to start shifting your life and all your relationships for the better.

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