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Adults: Get clear and centred, release the blocks that are keeping you stuck, improve your relationships, get parenting support, and raise your vibration to start living a life with ease, flow and inner peace.
Parents: Get support for your teen or 20 year old who may be experiencing anxiety, stress, and relationship challenges. (email [email protected] for availability and special student pricing if you wish a session for your student as well)

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Get clear and centred, release the blocks that are keeping you stuck and raise your vibration to start living a life with ease, flow and with a true knowing of who you are.
This is a special coaching session called a Life Analysis.
This is what I call a Soul Break Thru Session to look at all aspects of your life using the Wheel of Life and Lissa Rankin's Whole Health Cairn Model, to help you get clarity with the areas that could use more alignment. If after this session, you would like to continue, Binu offers 3, 6 and 10 month packages to continue on the journey.

Sometimes certain areas of life are keeping us stuck

because of some unconscious or subconscious beliefs and thoughts.

This session will help release those blocks to allow you to opt out of overwhelm, and reduce tension, stress and anxiety in daily life. In turn, all your relationships will start to improve.

Binu offers a card reading to go along with this special session

to help you move forward with new ideas and help you validate what is most meaningful for you.

Binu uses law of attraction and spiritual concepts in this session to help you understand yourself better and help you move forward with clarity and peacefulness.

The card reading allows a connection between you and the universal guidance accessible to us all.

What you will experience in
this session:

  • Release past programming and lock in new enlightened beliefs and desires through our hypnosis meditation and card reading.

  •  Life analysis and a deep dive to discover the parts of your life and past that are keeping you stuck and help you expand your mind, raise your vibration and open your heart to your desires all with the purpose of leading you to deeper happiness.

  • Guidance through your wheel of life and the whole health cairn models

  • Get insights for improving all your relationships and tap into your own inner truth and intuition so you can trust yourself more

  • Learn spiritual concepts and law of attraction techniques to help you improve all aspects of your practical life to make everyday living more peaceful and in alignment with your heart and soul.


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30 Minute Session