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EP 01 - The Slow Life: Your Path to Stress-Free Living

Oct 03, 2023
EP 01 of High Vibes with Binu Podcast: The Slow Life: Your Path to Stress-Free Living

Are you ready to step into what I call ‘the slow life’? If you have been caught in the hustle and bustle of life, this rush type of living some days, I am here to let you know there is another way. It’s the calm way through life. It’s a life where you listen to your body’s whispers and you follow those whispers.

In this episode, I speak about really getting present with what you want in your household, how you want your central nervous system to feel, and trusting yourself more along the way to create the calm in your life that you deserve.

You will also find some journal prompts from me, the big questions I often ask myself that have helped me move forward in my life to where I feel I live the slow and calm life 22 hours 7 days a week. It’s so possible.

To grab my very own created ‘Rise & Shine’ journal that I have infused with high vibe energy, 111 pages of pure energetic space for you to start creating the life you want, go to: 

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