Wondrous Women    Mentorship Program

Enjoy the magnificence of WONDER and an EXPANSIVE MIND, to DREAM & CONNECT to your inner power and move forward on your SOUL GROWTH JOURNEY!💫

Wondrous Women Coaching Program

Enjoy the magnificence of WONDER and an EXPANSIVE MIND, to DREAM & CONNECT to your inner power and move forward on your SOUL GROWTH JOURNEY!💫
This is for the woman who is open to more in life, who is ready to explore the Wonder, Expand her mind, Dream, Connect to the power within her, and explore
the beauty of who she truly is!

You know that feeling when you know there must be something more, you want to believe in yourself more, but you aren't sure how to get there or what to do?

That is the feeling I encourage you to follow - and if you don't know this feeling yet, I am here to help you notice it...and befriend it....because we all have it, we all have the knowing of what's best for us...we just have to quiet the outside noise and learn a few things about ourselves to truly understand and follow...

This is what I call "allowing your inner Wondrous Woman to guide you"!

Consider these questions:

  • Are you hoping for more happiness and ease and flow in life?

  • Do you know there is more for you but you aren't sure how to get through the day to day stressors?

  • Are you happy in life but you are wondering what your bigger purpose in life is now?

  • Do you think you know your purpose and just need support to move forward with it?

  • Are you experiencing signs from the Universe like repeating numbers or cardinals and wonder what it all means?

If you answered yes to any of those, then this is for YOU! This was me years ago and I didn't have a program to release my burdens and blocks and teach me how to build my beliefs and trust myself (and the signs I was seeing) and the process and follow my dreams!

I have hired 3 different coaches over the years, went to many in person self development conferences and read many many books. And now I wish to teach you all of this.


What you will experience in
this program:

  • Increasing Self-Trust and Believing You Are Meant for More

  • Learning to Live a Judgement Free Life by Addressing Your Inner Judge

  • More Self-Acceptance through Understanding Your Unique Personality

  • Getting Unstuck by Addressing Upbringing & Past Experiences

  • More Signs & Synchronicities to Increase Your Belief that You Are Guided

  • Stepping into more Alignment, Abundance & Appreciation

  • Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose for more Love & Fulfillment

Wondrous Women

is an 12-Month Empowerment Group Mentoring & Coaching Program here to:
  • Shorten the learning curve

  • Help you expand your belief system and discover your true authentic extraordinary self

  • Offer you individual support for your specific needs and life dynamics

  • Guide you forward to what I know is available for us all...joy, happiness, fulfillment, excitement, deeper connection with loved ones and best of all...LOVE!

  • To enjoy the magnificence of WONDER and an EXPANSIVE MIND!

The energy a woman carries has massive impact on those around her. We are the core of so much love. We have the ability to spread that energy and uplift everyone we love and care for but we must start with empowering and enlightening ourselves.


You can enter the 12-Month Program at different times of the year. Email Binu via this email [email protected] to inquire and chat about entering this program!



The light is always lit within us...it's now time to ignite that spark.