Rise Up🌈 Hypnosis & Meditation Bundle

“We have the power to rise up above the noise, ignite our inner wisdom and reprogram our subconscious minds!”

Rise Up🌈 Meditation Bundle

“We have the power to rise up above the noise, ignite our inner wisdom and reprogram our subconscious minds!”
Welcome to an opportunity to connect with me with my


Rise Up🌈

Hypnosis & Meditation Bundle

where you will find a digital library to help you move from stress to inner peace and from fear to love.

  • Access to a digital library of 30 of my best themed meditations.

  • Choice on any given day to see which topic calls you, and then letting your intuition guide you on what is needed for you.

  • Some favourite meditations included are listed here:

    • "You are Worthy, Capable, and Safe"
    • "Choice is Your Superpower"
    • "Chakra Clearing"
    • "Body Scan Meditation for Calm"
    • "Future Self Manifestation"
    • "Liquid White Light"
    • my signature "Sleep Meditation" 
  • Use the meditations daily or weekly to train your inner peace muscle to be stronger than ever, release subconsciously what has not been serving you, learn to trust your intuition more for a calmer, happier and more joyful life. 

  • The benefits will be that you will experience lower stress, things will begin to flow more, and all your relationships will start to improve, especially the most important one, which is the one with you and your divine soulful self.

My intention has been to have this accessible to all and help people reprogram their subconscious beliefs and habits, build their spiritual muscle within and allow us all to live a more loving, calm and empowering life. I believe it’s all possible. Come along for the ride! I am right here beside you to show you the way!


I believe calmness is becoming a needed way of life now. The more you train yourself to come into the calm, still state, even for 2-3 minutes, you will start to hear a soft loving voice within that is waiting to guide you to what’s best for you. You will also be clearer to discern between the noisy fear voice and the loving divine voice within during the busyness of your day. This is what I call “reprogramming our minds” from the monkey to the miracle mind! I believe we have to train our mind back to how it was born…we were all born beautiful beings with a spark for life, loving thoughts and magical dreams…then somewhere along the line we were told we weren’t good enough, and here we are. Now we need to start reprogramming. We need to start relearning what is our truth and what has always been our truth and our birthright….so let me help you remove the noise and tap back into your true deep rooted worthiness!

As we calm our minds, this is the state our subconscious mind can be told more enlightening, happier, joyful things. But we need to get to this calm state within, this centred state first. You will then feel less harassed and stressed by the daily pressures placed upon you, and calmness takes hold and becomes a way of life.

What's Included ...


Hypnosis & Meditation

I specialize in Hypnosis Meditations. They are meditations that take you to a deeper level within, allow you to get centred on the subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind never sleeps and takes in all the good, great, bad & ugly that occurs around us and within us. These meditations move your conscious mind off to the side to allow your subconscious mind to be at the forefront. This is the best state to reprogram old beliefs and habits that may be stuck in our subconscious and unconscious minds from our upbringing and past experiences.

It’s a very gentle approach that needs to be practiced and trained, that will always leave you feeling wonderful in every way.

Most people report feeling more relaxed than they have experienced in a long time.  Everyone reports having calmer interactions and reactions with their loved ones; now don’t we all want a little more of that?

Some of the meditations use a hypnosis technique at the start and some use a breathing technique. Both are good to calm the mind, the hypnosis meditations help to take us a little deeper into the subconscious mind! Enjoy the ride!


Rise Up🌈:
Hypnosis &
Meditation Bundle