$250.00 CAD

Life Analysis Coaching Session

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For individuals booking this special coaching session called a Life Analysis, we will look at all aspects of your life using the Wheel of Life, and Lissa Rankin's Whole Health Cairn Model to help you get clarity with the areas that could use more alignment.


For Parents of a young person struggling with anxiety or other mental health issues, this is a coaching session for parents to learn some coaching tools to use at home and also to discuss specific challenges at home between family members, or to learn more about how your child's subconscious mind is working and how you can help the kids with certain thoughts, ideas, and word choice. If you are open, I  also share and teach some deeper universal spiritual ideas that I see helping so many. My knowledge of subconscious mind work through my hypnosis training and practice has been something that is helping the children these days. I will teach you my ways, help you learn to self-coach and coach your kid and create a calmer and more safe and secure environment at home.


Sometimes certain areas of life are keeping us stuck because of some unconscious or subconscious beliefs and thoughts and this session will help release those blocks to allow you to opt out of overwhelm and reduce tension, stress and anxiety in daily life.

Binu offers a card reading to go along with this special session (for those interested, they are called soul wisdom cards), to help you move forward with new ideas and help you validate what is most meaningful for you.

Binu uses law of attraction and spiritual concepts in this session to help you understand yourself better and help you move forward with clarity and peacefulness. A hypnosis experience is also included in this 2 hour session if you wish to experience that.