Transform Your Relationships At Home

Struggle to Ease in Your Closest Relationships

A 4 Week "Self Study" Experience


Fulfilling relationships, deep understanding, more connection, more laughter, more ease with your loved ones on a daily basis. It's all possible!

🌟 My kids actually want to hang out with me, my husband actually cares about my thoughts and feelings and understands me more now than ever before-and I understand him😳!  We no longer yell and blame or snicker or roll eyes. It's magical. Let me show you the way.🌟

+ Awaken to what is possible with your closest relationships.

+Learn what it means to be authentic and speak up in a new calm and connected way

+Teach your closest people how to treat you

+Experience NEXT LEVEL communication and interactions with the people who mean the most in your life

+STOP settling for good enough, and know you and your loved ones are meant for more.


Join Binu for powerful training calls, all recorded, to help you transform your closest relationships. Let's let go of the struggle and move towards more ease.

After many conversations with private clients, Binu has seen some patterns in how we have all been taught to communicate, that isn't working for our households with our kids, or in love & partner relationships.

So many people are defensive, take things personally, say what they think others want to hear vs what they truly feel.

She has witnessed ongoing blaming and shaming and self blame and self guilt as well. This all adds up to uneasiness, discomfort, anxiety, anger, frustration, annoyance in homes or with our closest people.

The next generation is struggling with intimate connections as communication is all upside down as the same generational patterns are being passed down subconsciously.

Imagine if we could remove the struggle and move over to more ease and peace in all of our relationships, understand each other fully and completely and have trusted ways to always come back to centre with every connection we have. Wouldn't that feel so freeing?

From Binu...I have created this program to focus on the Art of Communication in our homes. This has changed my life completely.

And I am so serious as I type that out. There are things we were never taught in school, and I definitely didn't learn this from my parents, as they didn't know any of this....and I am here as a result of this new way of communicating to share with you what is truly possible.

I take a deeper soul approach to help you understand some very key aspects in communication. This program will help you move forward with clarity and peacefulness in all of your closest people and truly go from struggle to ease. This may be your kids, partner/spouse, or parent, friend. These concepts and practices can work for all. 

Book resources:

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Riuz

I HEAR YOU by Michael S. Sorensen


Feel free to work through all the modules at once, or spread them out over 4 weeks. Spreading them out allows you time to practice the tools shared, try out the words and phrases taught and to allow space to navigate through these changes!


Module 1


+ The NEW World Ways to Communicate

+ Stop taking ANYTHING personally; Don't Make ANY Assumptions

+ Inner Trust, Outer Trust and Why it Matters

+ How to Have a Courageous & Clearing Conversation



Module 2

+ Soul Level Listening, Hearing, Understanding

+ The Magic of Validation


Module 3

+ Why Words Matter: Light vs Dark Energy of Words

+ The Best Way to Apologize and be Vulnerable

+  Boundaries


Module 4

Practice Makes Progress with Real Life Examples

+ Navigating Communication Between

Family Members

+ Bonus: Long Term Marriages


My goal is to have you implement something tangible each week and then keep building until the new ways become second nature. It's all possible.


If you are ready to experience that next level of your make them truly better and more aligned, full of ease and flow in the every day, then go ahead and purchase now. I can't wait to see you inside the course! Everything is recorded so you can work through the videos at your own pace. This is a self study program so take your time and rewatch anything you need to at your own convenience.

$444.00 CAD