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Rise Up🌈: Hypnosis & Happiness Meditation Bundle

RISE UP 🌈 above the noise, ignite your inner wisdom 💫 & reprogram our subconscious minds! 🙏

What you'll get:

  • Access to a digital library of 30 of my best themed meditations.

  • Simply go into your library on any given day and see which topic calls you, let your intuition guide you on what you need on any given day. Use these in a daily ritual or on an as needed basis

  • Some favourite meditations included are “Choice is Your Superpower”, “Give Yourself a PEP Talk”, “You Are Worthy, Capable & Safe”, “Chakra Clearing”, “Body Scan Meditation for Calm”, “Future Self Manifestation”, “Liquid White Light”, “Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience”, “Vibrational Energy”, my signature “Sleep Hypnosis”, and many more.

  • Train your inner peace muscle to be stronger than ever, release subconsciously what has not been serving you, learn how to build confidence within and most of all, learn to trust your intuition more for a calmer, happier more joyful life.

  • The benefit of all of this is that all your relationships will improve, especially the most important one, which is the one with you and your divine soulful self.

Audio/Video Content Library

You will have lifetime access to these audio/videos.

No experience necessary, just press play, get cozy, sit back or lie back, close your eyes and let me be your guide.